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In Rocklea QLD on “Medium Impact Industry” at 1421 Ipswich Rd Rocklea QLD 4106:

Jason Anderson commented

Already to many of these dodgy business's in the area, bringing EVERYONE'S values down. How about a bit of public consultation about how or if a business of this type should be set up and presented. How about these business's before the government carelessly allow them to open there doors, or for existing ones who haven't been forced to close there doors contribute to the area that they are denigrating.
If we don't know they are being good guys and contributing to our community then I'm sorry but they have to be classed as bad guys, and that just attracts more bad guys in to our community. For example the burn out marks outside of the old Gills Timber and Hardware, now it's an unmarked suspect looking car scrap business and its either the boys who work there or one of there customers? Not a great look for our community.

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