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In Newtown NSW on “Development Application No....” at 2C Gladstone Street Newtown NSW 2042:

nicholas salt commented

Dreadful on so many levels , over 30 metres to build an industrial sized factory is what is a quiet residential area . Adapt existing commercial spaces yes for sure , but to make this monster , it’s just bad planing . I have been to hundreds of micro brewery places and never have seen such a height require in the fermentation tanks , it’s just not necessarily and should be in an industrial part of the city with other warehouses not a little residential street. Even on their own plans they show foghorn brewhouse , which is located on a busy road in a commercial industrial area , with room size tanks less than 2 Metres , so why do you need 30 ! Why do you need to block out the sky with 30 plus metres when it could be done in lower rooms . It’s way to large imposing for such a small triangle surrounded by single level homes .
I also question the parking report , I have never seen 12 empty car spots ever ! It’s a parking nightmare even during the day and near to impossible in the evenings. Where do you think the patrons and staff will honestly park . The driveways in the rear of my lane are always parked over as it is . Where do you really propose all this extra traffic park , in reality what is already a major problem for the residents . Just the traffic and noise and smell alone within metres from so many rate payers should be enough to the council to see its way off anything sensible. If anyone put in plans to build a house to 30 metres it would be laughed out of council. Phillip lane couldn’t manage the usage for such a development , it’s mostly blocked with people parking illegally as it’s impossible to park as it is . The rubbish is all collected from the front of Phillip st as trucks can manage it as it is with problems existing .

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