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In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1109 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

Samuel Mead commented

I wish to add my objection to this proposal, as it stands!!

First, the size (height and footprint) of the building versus the block. The plans indicate up to an 8 storey high build, which straddles the block of land almost up to the boundary lines of the property. These dimensions would cast significant shadow and cause reduced light across vast swathes of local properties in the immediate vicinity. This would obviously be ameliorated by limiting the building’s height. For example building the garage spaces underground rather than at the proposed ground and first few levels above ground. The design of the northern facade of the building is basically a large multi-level concrete wall with dimensions encompassing the total height and depth of the building. It is totally objectionable for that harsh style and size of exterior wall to be constructed so close to a boundary line on a block of land that currently houses a two storey single residence. That jump in land use from a single residence with landscaped gardens to a huge multi residential building is too extreme for this part of the coast with its existing character and long term residents who have a right to the enjoyment of their properties. A middle of the road design must be considered in this location. The radiating heat from the immense surface area of that north facing exterior wall will be significant and uncomfortable for tenants and residents of the adjacent property which I note is only 6 storeys high and is set a reasonable distance from the boundary it shares with this property.

Second, the plans indicate a number of separate dwellings will be incorporated in the building. Given the plot of land is only approx 460sqm it is not reasonable to have so many bedrooms (i.e. 14) or such a high density of people living on such a small block. There appears to be insufficient visitor parking and common area green space available on the block itself, in keeping with the design and style of other multi-level, multi-residence buildings in the area.

Third, what adverse impacts will be experienced by local residents in the immediate vicinity during the construction phase of such a large building and once it is built and in full use. For example, noise, financial, health, increased strain on infrastructure, parking, blocked views and limited sunlight.

A more sensible design and build must be proposed. The GCCC by NOT allowing this building to be constructed (in its current design, on such a small block with its inevitable adverse impact on local residents) will therefore ensure new objectionable precedents are not set in the Palm Beach area.

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