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In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 1109 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

Shannon May commented

I strongly OBJECT to this development for the following reasons.

8 stories on a small 445m2 site is far too small! My house sits on a bigger block than that and I we don't have a huge house or massive yards!

Where is the adequate car parking, green space, the set backs, or the deep root plantings? Are plants on the side of buildings and on balconies going to be the new norm? They have no purpose but for the sake of the application. They won't survive and they won't be maintained. What will be left is another bland looking concrete building.

We need quality landscaping and adherence to biophilic design principles to all low- medium and higher developments to maintain and preserve an ideal street scape and amenity. This building does not enhance aesthetic appeal to the streetscape of Palm Beach. Enough is enough. No more concrete buildings blocking sun and air flow to the suburb.

There should be a clear separation / distance between buildings as stated in the Palm Beach Character Analysis.

The site cover exceeds acceptable outcome. Density should also be adhered to and should trigger an impact assessment if benchmarks are exceeded, including code assessable areas.

Why are developers constantly trying to squash people into tiny concrete boxes? (And why have council approved so many already?) They do nothing but diminish quality of living and the mental health of not only the people living in these smaller than small rooms, but also for all the people that are living around the concrete structure.
This is not within the guidelines of the city plan and our elected council need to push back on developers wanting to push the boundaries because of excessive relaxations in the past. It is your responsibility GCCC, for the betterment of the our city.

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