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In Cabramatta NSW on “5-Storey Boarding House...” at 102 Broomfield St Cabramatta:


We are writing to express our support for the recent development application RE: Application No. 317.1/2019 submitted to council at 102 Broomfield Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166.

The demographic of associations such as ours are committed to create an inclusive community by upholding the Australian values and way of life.

The Cabramatta community and some of our members require support from the Australian government to receive the provisions they need to live but also the community to receive a sense of belonging and to boost their mental spirit through unity. We believe that there is a need for affordable housing in our LGA amongst members of our association alone where the residents have access to shops by foot as many of them are older and can not afford or operate a vehicle. We would like to encourage these projects to create new, safe and affordable housing for our members.

We believe that not enough is being done in the local area to encourage affordable housing despite the government claiming to address it. The price of a residential unit in the Fairfield LGA is still out of reach for many people in our community and the rend being relative to the price, does not include ongoing living costs such as electricity, water and other utilities.

We believe that a development which has affordable short-term leasing options, as opposed to a traditional lease, coupled with being in close proximity to transport and shops should not only be encouraged but seen as a safe, monitored and inclusive environment for the range of demographics in Cabramatta. We would like to urge council to consider the amount of older people who do not drive, promoting the use of the overhead bridge across the station, and promoting the use of public transport.

Being across the railway station, car parking provisions as well as being surrounded by employment hubs, we believe that a boarding house development would be beneficial for numerous people who require clean and affordable living arrangements.

delivered to the planning authority

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