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In West Gosford NSW on “INTEGRATED Stage 1 - Hungry...” at 269 Brisbane Water Drive, West Gosford NSW 2250:

Larene O'Neill commented

My first thoughts are, we already have KFC, Dominoes, Maccas, Red Rooster, Subway and Hungry Jacks 5mins down the road although I do realise flooding is a regular occurrence along Central Coast Hwy. The one Take Away Shop at West Gosford Shopping Centre only offers Pasta, Pizza, Kebabs. My second thought was - the Car Park has problems already and I can't see how adding a Hungry Jacks would improve the Car Park. For example, there is a red smashed up car sitting in the car park near the lights corner and it's been there 2mths now. I see elderly small car drivers exiting same car park out the pedestrian crossing gap over the road stripes then do a U-Turn around the island to go to the traffic lights. Plus, way too many Trucks and large vehicles in the car park shops side. I have already been hit in the rear by a Truck resulting in over $2,000 worth of damage. The car park is small and can only take small cars. Large vehicles need to park in the back rows, at the back of the car park. Pedestrian crossing is dangerous, only 1 in 3 drivers stop for pedestrians crossing with or without a trolley and groceries. We need a fresh bakery, fresh fish n chips shop, fresh Burger / Salad / Sandwich shop, Fresh Fruit and Veg shop, a Discount store like the Reject Shop with general goods that are not available in Coles. We need the path from Coles that goes to the Car Park on the other side to be "Leveled". Once past the Newsagents, you have to stand one side of your trolley to push it along the path and at the same time preventing the trolley from rolling into parked cars - ground slopes down toward parked cars. We need for all the Charity Organizations to move away from the entrance to Coles Supermarket instead of asking us to buy something every single time we walk in and out of Coles. I am animal lover and I think there needs to be an area for the animals - People bring their dogs and leave them tied to poles outside of Coles, or they sit with their Owners at Michelle's Patisserie. Sometimes there are 2 - 4 Wood Ducks around Michelle's tables and often stray birds around the ground and in the rafters above our heads outside ... Hungry Jacks is not the healthiest of Fast Food. There are plenty of alternatives ...

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