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In Hurlstone Park NSW on “Demolition of all existing...” at 22 Dunstaffenage Street, Hurlstone Park:

Yiannis M commented

Marc, Michele,

To be clear, New Generation Boarding Houses are unlike apartments as they cant be strata titled so cant be sold off individually, instead they provide self contained rooms for approx $300 pw (inner west, cheaper in outer suburbs) giving both young and older Australians the opportunity to live dignified while they either save for a deposit or in the case of the overwhelming situation of +55 yo homeless women being on the rise, to be part of a community and to afford to have their own space and dignity.

As for NSW Fair Trading definition, it is techically correct however the occupants of New Generation Boarding Houses MUST comply with house rules which are approved by Council as part of the DA process, are mostly self contained rooms with private bathrooms and kitchenettes, have regular council inspections, need to comply with a raft of conditions, have to be registered, can't rent rooms for less than 3 months at a time, have an onsite 24 hr manager (if more than 20 occupants) or otherwise professionally managed etc and are part of the solution not part of the problem.

If an occupant doesn't comply with the house rules they are given a warning and if they persist THANKFULLY for everyone concerned, except the rogue occupant, can be evicted to protect everyone's privacy and amenity including the neighbours.

Would you rather have a low rise house next door which is rented out as a share home with no regulation as to who comes and goes and with no controls over the tenancy because it's damn near impossible to evict tenants these days,. I've been through the process countless times over the past 40+years and can cite many examples, what a waste of time, money and resources!

Approx 64% of all Sydney residential tenancies (ref: NSWPOA) are effectively share houses and many are sub let without the Landlor's consent or knowledge with the head tenant often making more from the site than the landlord.

I know of at least one such place in Hurlstone Park and have experienced the same issue in my own investment property in Hurlstone Park.

The added wear and tear, damage and disruption to neighbours in such situations makes the entire exercise unviable for an investor putting up his / her hard earned only to be treated as a mug by the tenants and the Dept of (un)Fair Trading! Why would anyone want to provide or develop residential rental accomodation? At least with New Gen Boarding Houses theres a win win for all concerned.

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