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In Craigieburn VIC on “Use and development of a...” at 65 Amaroo Rd Craigieburn VIC 3064:

Mayra Lara commented

Dear Council,

I wish to register a complaint against proposed Application No. P22489 by ENRGX PTY LTD for “Use and Development of a Waste to Energy Facility”. This facility may help with our current recycling crisis but this idea has some very serious implications.

Firstly, burning our waste to produce energy is a very bad idea as it does nothing to address the core problem of over-consumerism and waste generation by Australians. In fact, once this plant is in operation, it will actually create a DEMAND for more waste. This is a very bad idea. Council should be encouraging buying, using and consuming less, not more! In addition, companies such as these will put pressure on you and the community to REMOVE their recycling systems so that they can receive and incinerate the unsorted waste and sell it back to us as energy! This is undoing all of the hard work that communities and Councils have done over the past three or more decades.

Secondly, burning waste may create energy as a byproduct but it also creates epic level emissions and toxins, which will be spewed into our atmosphere - this will be the air that we all breathe and I object to this pollution being sanction by Council. In addition it will add a nasty haze to our town that we definitely do not need. After that is potential acid rain and other nasties just like in Beijing and other big cities.

Thirdly, this proposal takes energy away from real and better efforts to recycle, such as by creating products in demand that do not create as many emissions, or that can serve the community better, such a recycled playground equipment, household products, road surfacing and the like. These are efforts that Council has already put its support behind. By approving this application you are undoing all of your hard work by supporting other worthwhile environmental causes. It also ruins efforts to create cleaner and better forms of energy such as wind, hydro and geothermal power.

As I believe that ENRGX PTY LTD is proposing this plant for pure profit at the cost of our community health, lifestyle and environment, I wish to register my strong objection to this application.

Kind regards

Mayra Lara

delivered to the planning authority

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