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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

N F Lee commented

To the General Manager
We, the undersigned, have objections to LDA2019/0264 (Applicant: Morling College) with the following reasons:
1. We need more open space and green areas, including parks and playgrounds
There are many families living in apartment blocks in Macquarie Park, from young children to young adults to the elderly. As we don’t have backyards anymore, we need open spaces for a healthy lifestyle and community meeting for recreation/exercise. We do not need more tall buildings to make the small area between Saunders Close and Morling College to be over-crowded and over-populated.

2. Traffic congestion
As present, the number of cars that come into and/or leaving Saunders Close feed into Herring Rd which is often ‘bumper to bumper’ at peak hours. It is almost unsafe at times to cross Saunders close. Note that Herring Rd has similar capacity as 30 years ago when thousands of units were non-existent. There are many more blocks of units being built and/or close to completion on Herring Rd, Waterloo Rd and Talavera Rd.

3. Pollution and possible damage
If construction goes ahead, pollution and noise will be detrimental to residents and there is no guarantee any excavation is not going to affect the foundation and/or structure of existing blocks.

We suggest Council puts a limit on the number of blocks to be built and the height of the blocks. There needs to be more space in between blocks to ensure the safety of the buildings and the quality of life of residents. There should also be some open space left for community social gatherings and recreation.
Thank you for your consideration.

delivered to the planning authority

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