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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Jess Shi commented

Objection to Application LDA2019/0264 122 Herring Road, Macquarie
Park Morling College Application
Reference: Application LDA 2019/0264 by Morling College

Morling College’s proposal for the construction project on its existing land would brought a serious impact on our residents’ lives.

1. Very small amount of parkland and ground space will disappear and becoming residential apartment which will undermine our existing community environment. The only playground currently left with open space for kids and resident within the area will all be replaced by buildings.

2. It will aggravate the traffic congestion in the neighbourhood, ie. more difficult to drive in and/or drive out of Saunders Close which will bring safety concerns for pedestrians.

3. Residents’ privacy will be compromised. The space and distance between building and building is too close, which will severely narrow the safety space of the inhabitants.
Fourthly, due to the growing density of the buildings within the area, new buildings will bring potential safety hazards to the existing ones.

Last, but not lease, all community resources will disappear, including the church, playground, library etc, which will be replaced with a crowed community with cold buildings only and neighbours who we would never have a shared outdoor place in order to know each other.

Therefore, as a resident of the existing community, I and my family strongly against this proposal. Our community requires the preservation of existing green field and ground shared space with open air and those community resources.

delivered to the planning authority

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