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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Mei Low commented

Date: 7 September 2019

Objection to Application LDA2019/0264 122 Herring Road, Macquarie Park Morling College Application

Reference: Application LDA 2019/0264 by Morling College

On behalf of all owners in 120 Herring Road Macquarie Park and Saunders Close, we object to the application LDA 2019/0264 122 Herring Road launched by Morling College.

Besides the points we already raised on 21 August, below are a list of suggestions and improvements we would like to see the City of Ryde to help us build a livable community on Herring Road.

Suggestions and improvements

1. Widening of Herring Road with extra lanes on both sides. Widening on Epping Road to ease of congestion.
2. Already High Density in FSR Floor space ratio for 120 Herring high rise of 25 floors. It is unfair that with this new development our residents of Saunders and 120 to be unfair suffer inequitable FSR ratio with the high rise of 5 buildings of 14 floors new apartments

3. Greenery and Park and support the elderly and young and handicap
a. Request City of Ryde to provide green Park around Saunders Building, 120 Building and Parks specifically between Site B and 120 and Site A and 1 Saunders Close

b. Support of young families in Herring road – green and Park for the young to run and old folks to do Tai Qi

c. Support the aged and handicap in wheelchair – We would like to see a widening of foot path in primary and secondary foot path to add handicap and aged path for these residents to be able to move from the building to the Metro and Macquarie Central without having to get on to the main Herring road foot path

4. Safety
a. With the increase of proposed residential of 500+ with mixed retail, we would like safety to be assured by City of Ryde for the young kids, primary school kids walking home from public school like Kent Primary, High school kids walking back from Metro through a green path way other than Herring road
b. Safety for the aged and handicap to be able to cross the roads with between Site A and 120 and saunders building as we do not have aged and handicap path. We would like this considered into the plan
5. Reputable Builder and Council for this proposed development
a. With the recent saga of Opal Building and Mascot, we as owners are extremely worried on the close intended construction.
b. We want to request that the tender of this development must be awarded to reputable Builder and Developer who is listed and cash-rich. We hope the City of Ryde could work with Morling College to address this concern

6. Protection of Fauna and Flora and especially the trees in Morling College now
a. I would be able to supply the photos of the beautiful huge trees around the area. These trees today in different seasons provide the Greenery, the beauty of Macquarie Park. We would like the developer to be able to migrate and protect these huge trees in the construction and assure that they are protected

b. Protection of our birds living in the area – the various species of Birds Family around the region is so beautiful. Their homes are in these huge trees.

7. Greenery on top of the entire development of the building proposed – We would like to have Trees and Plants on the Rooftop to re-created the loss in Greenery that this development has caused for us

8. Unblock and open space for Site A and Site B for all residents and owners of 120 and Saunders – the Sites after development have to be open space to allow residents – young and old and handicap to move the building to building and enjoy the open green space

9. Collection of Storm water for irrigation of Greenery and Solar around the region - Request City of Ryde to be more Green conscious to request all development going forward in Macquarie has to re-used storm and rain water in watering all Greenery, provide the drainage and sewage system to avoid contamination, use of Solar for all lighting in path ways for residents

10. Green walk path with handicap way from Epping Road to Metro via this 120/Saunders development

11. More Pedestrian crossing between 120 and Sites A and B
12. Address Traffic issues and turning out from 120 by installing traffic lights and widening of Herring Road with Pedestrian path widen
13. Request Public Library and Clinics with new supermarkets in the mixed retail in this development
14. Request control on restaurants ratio in mixed retail to 15% to control the exhaust and noise created by the restaurants in this new proposed Mixed Retail.
15. Lastly and repeating Greenery on top of all buildings including the side façade of Building in mixed retail to create the loss greenery back to the residents

Dear City of Ryde, please help us to create these in our Herring Road community

delivered to the planning authority

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