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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

David Robinson commented

Dear Sir/Madam
I object to this proposal, particularly the site A buildings between 1 Saunders Close and 120 Herring Road. As a unit owner in 1 Saunders Close I have the following concerns:

1. I am concerned by how close the basement parking is to 1 Saunders Close and fear for the impact that construction of the basements and two 14-story buildings will have on the 1 Saunders Close building. We have seen how other unit blocks in Sydney have been damaged by new construction nearby and I do not want that to happen to our home. I would prefer these two buildings not to be built at all, but if they must be built I think 14-storeys is too much for that space and there must be a greater separation between the buildings.
2. What sun our south-facing unit currently receives will be blocked by the proposed building 2.
3. I believe the current design will funnel wind through the gap between the proposed buildings 1&2 and through between 1 Saunders Close and building 1 creating a wind tunnel between the two buildings.
4. The footpath on Herring Road down to the station and Macquarie Centre is narrow and in poor condition. Also pedestrians rarely look for traffic when crossing Saunders Close. If more units are to be added a better pedestrian solution is required or we fear an accident is inevitable.
5. Saunders Close is already difficult to exit on weekday mornings and Saturdays with many of those cars doing u-turns on Herring Road or Windsor Drive to head up to Epping Road. Adding extra cars from the proposed buildings 1 & 2 parking will only make that worse. Also Herring Road is already a very busy road and adding more cars from five 14-storey buildings at peak hours will worsen the congestion.
6. This will remove the closest green area and place for children to play as well as the Saunders Close community garden. We would like to see the proposal having more green space such as a garden and playground.

Finally I note that over the past 4 years we have had to endure dust and noise from the developments at the corner of Epping and Herring roads, then 120 Herring Road, then the building Morling College are currently constructing. Now we have another development of the other corner of Epping and Herring roads starting with the Ivanhoe estate redevelopment to come. On top of this we now face the prospect at least 5/6 new buildings in Morling college with an uncertain construction schedule. When does this end?

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