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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Stephen H commented

I strongly disagree with the development plan for the following reasons.


The fact that the buildings are constructed so closely together will mean that residents will be worried about their right to privacy being encroached upon by neighbours livings in buildings a few metres away. Blinds and curtains need to be lowered or drawn. at all hours. Whatever amount of sunlight residents can enjoy would be blocked out.


Existing buildings around or close to the world-be building site may be endangered when the planned buildings are under construction. It is not impossible that the foundations and safety of existing buildings will be affected. Neighbouring residents are in fear that their buildings will be a duplicate of Mascot Towers.


A few years of pollution, chiefly noise and dust arising from the construction site will have detrimental impacts on neighbouring residents’ health while the buildings are being erected.


Traffic chaos created as a result of the development will be another big issue. At present, cars leaving Saunders Close already find it difficult to gain access to Herring Road. An increase of five 14-storey apartment buildings and the addition of the inmates of 500 odd units, and their daily use of cars, it stands to reason to say that chaotic traffic conditions will be inevitable. Furtheemore, it will not be uncommon in the future to witness cars and pedestrians fighting for priority and right of way. The addition of one or two zebra crossing wouldn’t be able to solve the problems.


Currently No.122 Herring Road is the site of a college and the residential homes of students and their families. The proposed development should therefore be carefully considered. Knocking down homes, chopping away trees and removing green lawns, replacing them with high rise apartment buildings will totally ruin the character of the location. Cement walls will be something that runs to meet neighbouring residents' eyes whichever way they choose to turn their heads. A concrete jungle will surely be an eyesore not only to neighbouring residents but to all visitors of the area.


It is hoped that the city of Ryde Council would understand and share the concerns of all of us residents who live in the vicinity of the would-be construction site. It is also hoped that the Ryde Council would advise Morling College to change its development plan. The creation of more green spaces such as a garden for the elderly and playground for the kids would surely be most welcome to everyone.

If the development has to go ahead, let the buildings be reduced in height, say from 14 storeys to 8. The reduction in height would allow residents in lower storeys of existing buildings to have the opportunity to enjoy more and longer hours of sunlight.

Let the number of buildings to be erected be cut from 5 to 3.

And finally, let Morling College provide its own parking spaces for the construction workers/tradesmen.

Finally, the City of Ryde Council is kindly requested to make parking time limit along Saunders Close for not more than 2 hours. Thank you.

delivered to the planning authority

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