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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Vonnie H commented

Dear sir/madam,

I strongly object with the proposal and I request your reconsideration on this application for 122 Herring Road.

This proposal is outrageous and should be reconsidered. Overpopulation in the area too much construction so close to 120 building and Saunders Close may not be safe! The density is not safe! More cars, roads and people in a small space are NOT okay. There are many children in the community the volume of cars proposed is not safe. Macquarie Park is a large leafy neighborhood and our home. I still really find it very hard to believe that the council could even think about approving such a destructive plan.

With the current DA, we can hardly see any green space and all we can see now is only a concrete jungle. There will also be low exposure of sunlight and wind drafts. The apartments will all face to face and we will have NO PRIVACY. Nobody wants to live in a place without sunlight. Nobody wants to wake up and see nothing but glass and concrete. Nobody wants to be surrounded and boxed in with no privacy.

The northwest metro is already at full capacity during peak hours at the moment and cramming 1200 more people on to the trains will affect the entire region. There traffic is only getting worse on Herring road and Epping Road for all the development. Again, it is too crowded for all the 5 new buildings, Morling college and Saunders Close to share Saunders street alone!

Most importantly, we cannot be assured that construction this close will not impact our current building fundamentals and safety, please take MASCOT TOWER at Sydney Olympic Park as an example. According to the DA, they will be developing 500+ underground car parks and this might impact our old buildings!

It will be much appreciated our voice can be heard as we are the ones who live on site and bear with any consequences. This is our home and we have nowhere to escape to if anything goes wrong.


delivered to the planning authority

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