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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Kui Ing (Selina) Li commented

To whom it may concern,

I strongly object to this development application LDA 2019/0264.

Macquarie Park is already overcrowded with too many high rise apartments and the congestion in Herring Rd, Epping Rd, Waterloo Rd, and Talavera Rd.

This area where they are looking to develop is already very crowded. Further construction will deprive us of many hours of sunlight and our privacy. Morling College says they are maximising land use, but they have no consideration for our quality of life.

This development will destroy our green space, including our community gardens which many members of our community have worked so hard for (and which I was recently nominated for a volunteer award from Ryde Council). This green space, with the community gardens, library and playground make our community unique and great to live in. The community and the council recognizes the value of our green space and community gardens in bringing people together, but this development will reduce our green space and destroy the gardens by greatly reducing the amount of sunlight our gardens receive.

New construction work may also have an impact on the foundations of existing buildings, such as the cracks we've seen in Opal and Mascot towers: if cracks appear in our buildings, who is going to pay for it? Not to mention the increased noise and dust pollution this development will create.

There are also privacy issues with the addition of so many new residential dwellings and the greatly increased number of people that will come to the area if the development goes ahead. This will also create traffic chaos: the roads are already congested enough with long delays during peak periods, where is the planning for additional roads to go with these buildings?

Please take into consideration our concerns, as it is our lives that are affected.

Selina L

delivered to the planning authority

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