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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Yuqi Zhou commented

I’m one of the owner live at 1 Saunders close Macquarie park. here are some of my points

1. When GFA building 1 and building 2 surround our 1 Saunders close. The population will be over crowded and the space between the building will be too close. Who can guarantee the construction will be safe for our residents and if new building construction of digging the foundation cause any crack of our building, who is in charge for this? Council/government or GFA developers?who will promise if anything unpredictable happen will not let us be homeless.This plan make us daunting and uncertain.

2. Our residents safety and living environment and life quality are super important. With the extra 5 new building, especially building 1 and 2, the community or government which approved this this plan do they only think about their benefit and making money not consider our feeling and lifestyle. will they give promise to maintain our green areas and children playground, and footpath. make sure we have fresh air to breath everyday. Right now the air and the facility for our building is perfect. Why can’t we keep the way it is. there is no more space to create more of these facilities. more important we don’t want to repeat opal tower mistake

3.Our rubbish bins are all line up in front of 1 Saunders for all the Saunders close buildings. This is within the tolerance level only one night before the rubbish truck come. image later new building doing similar way how can we look tidy and smell good.

delivered to the planning authority

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