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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Jenny hu commented

I quite disagree with this proposal. First of all, please excuse me if I am not expressing myself clearly or correctly as my English is not good enough. With the help of my good and caring neighbour, I think I need to stand up to raise our voice and I am confident that you will care and work hard for us in the Ryde Council. That's the reason why we choose Macquarie Park as our home.

I know there is a development application for 122 Herring Road in Macquarie Park planning to build 5 blocks of 14 storeys high on a small piece of land which is close to already densely built area. This project includes five hundred plus (500 +) park spaces and one child centre. The new blocks will be built at a distance of up to six meters from existing residential buildings.

I have to raise the following issues if the the development is approved:
reduce the sunlight in the existing apartment to 2 hours per day - bad effect on our physical and mental health;
airflow between the new and existing buildings may cause damages and danger, we have already strong wind all the time;
Since the new building will be lower than the neighbouring 24 storeys building, the exhaust air from the air condition vents will blow directly to the apartment above. Our living environment will be full of dust all day and all years;
more cars due to the new 500+ car park spaces and accessed through the narrow roads may cause heavy traffic congestion and dangerous to the children especially a child care center will be built there;
the new development means reduce green area around us.
The piece of land has always been well developed, occupied by Morling College and teach the new immigrants English as well as Bible study group. It's good enough for the community in Macquarie Park area. What do we want more?

​Last but not the least, we love to stay in Macquarie Park as this is a wonderful area. We don't want to diminish our quality of life. Please help to protect our neighbourhood and environment.

Thank you for all your support.

Best regards,

Resident of 120 Herring Road

delivered to the planning authority

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