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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Faren commented

To City of Ryde Council,

I am an owner in No 1 Saunders close and I strongly disagree with the proposed application. Apart from the council's financial benefits, honestly I absolutely see no reason why the new buildings have been proposed to be built in such a close vicinity from 1 Saunders close and 120 Herring road!!! What is the necessity for turning so many units in the three buildings (the site A included) into a fleet of dark dungeons. To your surprise, we are all human, living in these buildings, not rats. People need PRIVACY, SPACE, SUNLIGHT and AIR!

Here is a clause from your traffic "assessment" document :

"The traffic volumes in the adjacent road network has declined, particularly for the
Herring Road/Waterloo Road intersection", stated in Appendix F - Traffic Parking Impact Assessment paper.

With all due respect, either you are not familiar with the area at all, or the assessment is based on some made up numbers, only to make things look right and legal. No need for those magical "declining" numbers. All it takes for you, is to come over and check out the every day traffic jam in the aforementioned roads. Even before all the in progress constructions finish, the narrow two-lanes roads are constantly blocked with cars! The Macquarie centre is about to choke with so many people from 10 AM on the weekends. You have to drive for half an hour up and down, to find a free car space and get your groceries. In my opinion it is so unrealistic to believe, all those people are using public transport and the full carpark is just an illusion. They ALL USE THE SAME ROADS to get to the shopping centre!!!!!!!!!!

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, our main concern is to become the news headline in the near future. Opal, Mascot and then Macquarie park! Even if you wouldn't care about the area being overpopulated, there is ABSOLUTELY no need for the developer to build those high rises in our faces. They are so close to the both buildings, specially to No 1 Saunders Cl. To be honest, I already know your answer to the concerns raised by the community that "the safety of the construction has been carefully 'assessed' by the council's engineers", but I'm sure your friends in Mascot council said the same to the poor people in that tower, and now everybody is holding the owners accountable!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider the application! Believe it or not, we are real living things, not just numbers on your "assessment" papers.


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