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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Michael Chavet commented

I object to the proposed development at 122 Herring Road. I am a resident at 1 Saunders Close which is directly adjacent to the site.

This development will heavily impact my family's lives through all the noise, vibrations, dust and potential structural damage that will affect us during construction.

Apart from the construction impacts, the finished product will devalue the character of Macquarie Park. The proposal includes 5 x 14 storey residential buildings which will result in over 1200 new residents in this area of Macquarie Park. Of course this has to be considered in conjunction with the several other nearby high rise apartment buildings being constructed or finalised on Herring Road.

The northwest metro is already at full capacity during peak hours at the moment and cramming 1200 more people on to the trains will affect the entire region.

Macquarie shopping centre is also extremely overcrowded, even at non-peak times. The additional population will merely add to this unpleasant overcrowding.

This development will also heavily impact the amount of sunlight and privacy we currently have in our residence with five high rise buildings in close proximity, and will unfairly devalue properties for all the owners.

Furthermore, this development is inexplicably being proposed by Morling College, a Christian College. As a strong Christian myself, I believe that there is a much better use of $240M by the College than an over-development money making exercise that will ruin the existing community. Even the extravagance of the Hillsong Church adds amenity their local area and doesn't go down the path of over-development and overpopulation for the sake of pure financial gain. I would understand if Morling College wanted to build a new hall, new classrooms, new gardens, some small new cafes etc. to provide a healthy investment while bringing new amenity for the local community. This would be mutually beneficial for the community and for Morling College. However introducing 5 x 14 storey residential buildings in an already overdeveloped area is truly a horrendous proposal, and will surely go down the unstable path of Mascot and Olympic Park developments.

If this development is allowed to pass through by Council, it will lead to very bad press and very bad political outcomes for the local Labor government. We will be forced to vote for political parties that seek to reduce overpopulation and over-development.

delivered to the planning authority

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