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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Ryan commented

Dear Council,

I am a resident of the 120 Herring Road Community. I live in one of the residential buildings that would be closest to and most affected by the proposed development by Morling College. In particular, the construction of the proposed five 14+ storey buildings would have huge effects on the people living around the site. I would like to express my concern regarding the proposed development, as I believe that it would greatly impact our quality of life.

1. Safety - There is always a risk of danger to the health and safety of nearby people whenever construction projects are involved, particularly high-rise projects. With the recent developments in Sydney, I hope that you appreciate the worries about our safety.

2. Health - The development would also greatly impact our health, primarily due to increased pollution, dust, and other contaminants. The construction would definitely bring huge amounts of dust into the homes and lungs around the development site. This would definitely cause health problems for people living in the area.

3. Noise - There would also be worse noise pollution in the already quite noisy area. With heavy traffic and several construction projects ongoing, any additional activity would only exacerbate the problem.

4. Quality of life - Nobody wants to live in a place without sunlight. Nobody wants to wake up and see nothing but glass and concrete. Nobody wants to be surrounded and boxed in with no privacy. If the development pushes through in its current state, there is a very real risk that this will become a new reality for some of the residents in Herring Road.

I trust that the Council will do their due diligence and really examine and understand the proposed development and the potential negative effects on the lives of the people currently already residing in the area. I hope that the Council will prioritise keeping the area a great place to live.

delivered to the planning authority

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