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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Eyal Karin commented

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to object to the proposal. Specifically, I’d like to note that the current proposal has several and critical design problems, that could be resolved with better town planning!

The current plan proses major construction with only 6-12 meters next to an existing 24-floor building! As residents currently living in a high rise (120 Herring road), we cannot be assured that this level of Construction will not impact the fundamental existing infrastructure that is high and narrow already (Both 120 Herring Road -23 floors, and 1 Saunders Close, 12 floors)! The buildings are too close and the proposal requests that there are at least two built around the fundamentals of each building!

Whilst engineers and town planners can provide reassurance on paper, as we’ve seen repeated in the past year, the reality of construction may be very different. This means substantial risk to the existing community!

We request that the plans are modified, and the construction will be moved further apart from the current buildings for safety reasons! The plan can be moved, and the spaces reallocated!

We also note that the proposed close proximity of the building would mean very low exposure to sunlight (currently proposed around two hours of sunlight), limited green spaces, bedrooms that face each other with little distance, and the likelihood of wind drafts. Sunlight, wind drafts, and privacy can all be better resolved with more space between the buildings and better planning. These faults will heavily impact a large community, and the other infrastructure benefits are in no way an added benefit to the community when the plan jeopardises basic living standards! Our community in 120 herring road, and 1 Saunders close objects to living in small, dark and cramped spaces because of design faults!

We request that the plans be modified to move the buildings apart! For risk! For sunlight! For avoiding wind draft! For not being boxed in! We implore you to feedback to counsel stakeholders that plan moves the buildings apart to facilitate for more space, even if the amount of construction needs to reduce!

Thank you, and kind regards,

delivered to the planning authority

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