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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Lynn commented

Dear Council,

As as part of Macquarie Park community, I strong disagree with the Application LDA2019/0264 122 Herring Road, Macquarie Park Morling College Application.

When I received the letter, as a resident at 120 Herring Rd, I felt shocked, disaoopinted and frustrated.

With 10 constrauction sites going on at Macquarie Park area, this place is already over laoded with people and trafic. Every morning, the trafic has caused so much trouble on the road, all car drivers and buse drivers are all suffering. As the heart of North West area, this place deserves to be a better place for people to live and work.

With the new DA, all I can see is more green space has been taken away, more people's viw at 120 Herring Rd have been taken away, residents can only see next door buidling when they are at home. We dont want to live in steel jungle!

Also the close distance also worries us so much. Not only to mention the noise and dust and horrible wind effect that the construction will cause, the close distance make we worry that we will end up a second Opal tower. It is sad the no one is taking responsibility for residents who are sufferring from Opal towel, and it is also sad for us that we see the risk of it and we do nothing about it!

With all my reseprct, we as residents, will be more than happy to so our community become more and more beautiful and livable. But with above DA, all I can see is worry. We dont need more high rise buildings to block our sight, sunlight and casue security concerns.

It will be much appreciated our voice can be heard as we are the ones who live on site and bear with any conquences. This is our home and we have nowhere to escape to if anythings go wrong.


delivered to the planning authority

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