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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Alex Golshani commented

Dear sir or madam,

I still really find it very hard to believe that the council could even think about approving such a destructive plan. Macquarie Uni area is an already overcrowded suburb with more than 10 new construction sites in progress as we speak. I'm not sure if any of the council members have ever been to Macquarie Centre on a weekend or not? People already fighting over groceries! Herring road is extremely congested every day and it's almost impossible to get your car out during rush hour. Building FIVE high rises in such a dense area is not what residents need. We need more green space, a park, an oval and a safe suburb to raise our kids in, not a jungle of concrete.

Soon, the NBH project in North Ryde is going to be finished, and guess where all those new 5000 families are going to go for shopping on weekends? Considering all the new constructions in progress, and thousands of people who will be added to the population in the future, thanks to the Ivanhoe project, do you really think it would be possible to breath in Macquarie area in a few months time? With such narrow roads, and a useless public transport which literally crashes for 24 hours because of a single mechanical incident in the morning, what do you think is going to happen to overcrowded suburbs such as Macquarie Park?

Those buildings will be literally built in just a few meters distance from my apartment. I don't want to live with all the blinds shut day and night, because council has zero consideration for people's privacy. Besides, the Mascot building case is still open in the court. You cannot build five high rises in such a dense area without affecting others.

Besides, thanks to approving Toga's buildings without forcing them to build a proper enclosed garbage disposal area, Saunders close has literally been turned into a big garbage collection zone. The moment you walk into the street, all you can see is an army of huge red and yellow bins lining up from beginning of the street, all the way to the end. They are always there, giving the residents a disgusting stream of smelly air every single moment! Adding those new buildings to the Council's money producing fleet, will turn this area to a massive smelly garbage bin!

I strongly disagree with the proposed plan as I'm extremely concerned about the wellbeing of my family and myself.

delivered to the planning authority

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