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In Macquarie Park NSW on “Approval is sought for a...” at 122 Herring Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113:

Mei Low commented

Macquarie Park is already over-crowding with too many high rise apartments and the congestion in Herring Road, Epping Road, Waterloo Road, Talavera Road and over-crowding in our only proper shopping centre - Macquarie Central.

As of today, we already have 10 major developments around the same area in Macquarie Park under construction, it is hard to imagine any more new developments of High Rise Building. These upcoming ones in under construction are already an issue as they are already adding to our congestion and over-cramming in our suburb.

As City of Ryde Council, we need you to help us maintain and keep all the greenery left on Herring Road and around Morling College and the surroundings. Not to mention we need your help to address the traffic congestion and lack of parks, shops as our only Macquarie Central shopping centre is now overcrowded.

We need widening of roads, ease of congestion, providing amenities including more schools, clinics, greenery parks, childcare, clinics, playground to the neighborhood of Herring Road. This proposal is adding to woes of living in our popular street of Herring Road.

Below are our summary of the main points of objection.

1. Close Proximity with the Proposed Morling College Layout – Currently with Mascot Building issues which have a high probability cause was due to the construction of the nearby Buildings. We have huge concerns that Site B is only 12 m away from us. It is too close to our Building. These 3 building construction in Site B are too close for our comfort; and when during construction, they might affect our Building. Not to mention the construction dust directly blowing into our homes.

2. Town Cramming and Overcrowding in Macquarie Park and in particular Herring Road – This reduces our quality of life.

3. Congestion in an already overcrowded road in Herring Road, Waterloo Road and Epping Road and the surroundings.

4. Overshadow/ Loss of Light as the proposed Building blocks the sunlight on to 120 Herring Road. Site B of 14 Storeys is too tall and too close to 120 Building. We would want these Building further away from 120 Building and the new proposed development must not be taller than 8 storeys.

5. Sharp Wind Sound– with the strong winds, the wind is already creating howling sound through the buildings. With this new proposed Building, this will create a louder huge howling sound from the wind going through in between the Building.

6. Loss of Privacy and overlooking into our 120 Herring Road apartments.
Site B is like next to 120 north west facing apartments. It is too close and
is affecting our privacy.

7. Devalue of 120 Herring Road Property due to overcrowding, loss of sunlight, lack of privacy and overdeveloped in Macquarie Park.

8. Increase in Traffic Generation, especially the turnabout in/out of 120 Herring Road. As it is today, it is already an issue getting out of 120 with the heavy traffic, with these new proposed 500+ apartments, it will only cause more traffic issues in the tiny roundabout. The planned road is not going to solve the problems with mix/retail, childcare and residents, especially during peak hours. We have huge concerns over this planning.

9. Increase in traffic in already congested roads of Herring Road, Epping Road and Waterloo Road. This adds to the woes of traffic issues.

10. Loss of Greenery and Trees

11. Loss of View from the residents in 120 Herring Road facing the Macquarie Shopping Centre and greenery in the North West

12. Extreme Dense and closeness in apartments in Macquarie Park that make Macquarie Park loses its original flavour of a greenery park with homes and colleges.

13. Construction Noise and Dust from this proposed construction.

We would request City of Ryde to re-consider the application as both sites have to be further away from 120 Building and the Building should not be taller than 8 storeys high with a park in between 120 and Site B.

delivered to the planning authority

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