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In Petersham NSW on “Alteration and additions to...” at 40 Bishop Street Petersham NSW 2049:

Zayra Millan commented

I STRONGLY OPPOSE the proposed development at 40 Bishop Street. My reasons are because 1) there is inappropriate road infrastructure for the proposed parking on Jarvie Avenue; 2) the proposal is not aligned to the physical and 3) community character of the streets concerned – Bishop Street and Jarvie Avenue, the latter is a Heritage Conservation Area; 4) it will be disruptive to the community due to noise and traffic. These reasons are detailed further below:

1. The proposal of 40 Bishop street will require entrance to parking via Jarvie Avenue. However, Jarvie Ave LACKS THE ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE to meet this purpose. It cannot support the increase in demand for parking and increase in vehicle traffic. This is because Jarvie Ave is an unusually narrow s-shaped street where traffic is required to give way to pull aside for oncoming traffic at various points. Jarvie Ave is a small, single-laned street, and has limited parking space for residents. It is not suited for use as a thoroughfare for parking, or for resident/guest parking for a 10 room boarding house. The traffic impact study provided notes that there is limited offstreet parking in the area and that Jarvie Ave and Bishop St are primarily pedestrian streets. These streets are designed to support an increase in vehicle traffic/parking demands.

2. The proposal is not aligned to the physical character of Bishop St and Jarvie avenue. Jarvie Avenue is a Heritage Conservation Area. This order was raised to protect the “aesthetic significance” of the homes here, homes that are examples of single storey Inter-War bungalows. The proposal for 40 Bishop Street will negatively impact this Conservation Area. This is because it proposes to build a double storey modern-designed building that does not match the heritage of houses surrounding it. The transport impact study also notes that the surrounding area are predominantly single storey residential homes.

3. The proposal is not aligned to the community character of Bishop St and Jarvie avenue. Both Jarvie Ave and Bishop St are quiet, family-oriented (babies, young children), primarily owner-occupied residential streets. The proposed use of 40 Bishop street is inconsistent with the family-oriented landscape of our streets because it comprises single-occupancy rooms targeted to individual residents.

4. The proposal is disruptive to the community. It will generate an increase in noise due to increased vehicle, pedestrian, and noise from the outdoor communal space. This will disrupt the day to day living of residents on Bishop Street and Jarvie Avenue. Jarvie Ave is ESPECIALLY SENSITIVE to noise. The Inter War character of the homes on Jarvie Ave means that they have minimal setbacks from the street – this means that the front of the homes are very close to the streets and are sensitive to noise.

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