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In Petersham NSW on “Alteration and additions to...” at 40 Bishop Street Petersham NSW 2049:

Fiona Gillies commented

I strongly oppose this proposal from both a community and personal point of view.

The neighbourhood at the western end of Morgan St, intersecting with Jarvie Ave and Bishop Street, is a very quiet, family-oriented community. Many people have lived here for more than 40 years. We have been here for 23 years. Now young families are moving in to raise their kids here, just as we did. Since the blocking of Morgan Street to through-traffic in, I think, the late 1990s, the area has been an even more peaceful backwater. To replace a single-storey, long-term family home with a two-storey, 10-dwelling boarding house is completely out of character with the existing neighbourhood, and a significant over-development.

There are already a number of low-key boarding houses and other affordable housing options in nearby streets. I support residential diversity and affordable housing, and believe the balance is about right. Adding this multi-tenant, short-term occupancy proposal to the mix threatens to change that dynamic.

The developer has claimed the proposal is in the public interest "as it allows for appropriate and positive development on the existing residential site". I don't think you will find many residents who agree. A much more appropriate and positive development would be sub-dividing the block and building two residences, one with Bishop Street frontage, the other on Jarvie Ave. And the developer would still make a tidy sum.

I support the submissions already made with regard to traffic, parking, garbage overflow, amenity of streetscape, the narrow access in Jarvie Ave and so on, so will not add further to that.

As to how I am personally affected, the proposed second storey will have windows and a balcony that will look directly into our backyard and living room. This will have a major impact on our privacy and also raises important security concerns. There is also a proposed outdoor communal space in the development. Along with the balcony overlooking our property, this makes us very concerned about noise. The developer's management proposal has "rules" about noise, but with no residential manager on site, how are these rules to be policed? There is also scant detail in the proposal about who the proposed boarding house residents will actually be.

We are sending a detailed objection to council and I urge everyone who has written a complaint here to do the same. My understanding is that an email or letter has much greater impact than a comment on this site.

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