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In Petersham NSW on “Alteration and additions to...” at 40 Bishop Street Petersham NSW 2049:

John Partland commented

John Partland
I, too, am opposed to this proposed development. I concur with the submissions already made with regard to traffic, parking, garbage overflow and amenity of the local streetscape.
In response to Council's Control Plan Section 4.15 the developers state that
"It is considered that the proposal is in the public interest as it allows for appropriate and positive development on the existing residential site".
Nothing could be further from the truth. The public were never consulted and if they were they would unanimously (or close to) condemn this development as not appropriate. Nor would they concur that it is a positive development on the existing site.
A development which was based on maintaining the amenity of the surrounding streetscape would be a single residence on a large block or a subdivision allowing two residences- one facing Bishop Street and one facing Jarvie Avenue.
At 5.2.3 in the Marrickville Local Environmental Plan (LEP 2011) it is stated that the development exceeds the Floor Space Ratio by 2.5% and goes on to say that "This is considered appropriate in this case with the character and scale of the development compatible with neighbours and the implications of the minor variation negligible.".
Well, we the neighbours who will be impacted by the development do not think it is appropriate at all nor do we agree that it it negligible given the impact on traffic, parking, garbage, and amenity of the street. We are also interested to know what metric was used to claim that this excess was compatible with that of the neighbours.
I note also that the photograph of the Jarvie Avenue entrance indicates two access points while plans indicate 4 car spaces. I refer to this in the context of neighbours in Bishop Street being informed that no new driveways are to be constructed. I assume this to be the same in Jarvie Ave and so point out that no recognition has been made to this restriction in the plans.
This development should not go ahead.

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