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In Petersham NSW on “Alteration and additions to...” at 40 Bishop Street Petersham NSW 2049:

Jing commented

I strongly disagree with and oppose this development.

Residents of these small streets are mostly made up of young families and long-term elderly residents, and a 10 room boarding house would not fit in to this community. A multi level dwelling would be an eye sore against the predominantly single level houses and terraces in these streets, especially Jarvie Ave. There are privacy concerns with a multi level building overlooking backyards in the street, houses so close together going down a hill, especially for those families with young children.

I agree with previous posts indicating how this is a very strange location for such a development. There are also major concerns with the rubbish and noise pollution, and the insecure and unstable factors the development would bring to these quiet streets, not to mention the strain on parking. The parking availability is scarce and limited in Bishop st and Jarvie Ave. The latter, at the back of this site, is a tight and twisting one lane street, hardly a good location for a car park entrance, and both streets have little or no capacity for the multiple extra cars this development would bring with it.

There are already a few boarding houses around this little suburb, and more than enough new dwellings going up to cover affordable housing options in the area. There is no need for developers to intrude on this peaceful and quiet little neighbourhood to line their pockets. I believe that this development will only disrupt and negatively affect the lives of the people in these streets, rather than enrich the suburb.

I believe that the council will put the current residents' benefit over the interest of the developer and owners in rejecting this non–suitable proposition.

delivered to the planning authority

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