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In Palm Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use Code...” at 468 The Esplanade, Palm Beach QLD 4221:

Karen Rowles commented

I strongly OBJECT to this Development. Yet another Palm Beach Development that is drastically outside City Plan Guidelines. The SETBACK at the rear boundary is totally unacceptable. The GCCC have completely destroyed the AMENITY of Palm Beach by approving similar developments already. The Development takes up nearly all of the block, this will incur massive traffics problems for local residents, as construction materials, the Site Office and trucks will use the street and not the SITE. The Community have had enough inconveniences on their local roads from these MONSTEROUS DEVELOPMENTS that are oversized and outside City Plan Guidelines. The height will destroy any sunshine for the adjoining property. The local infrastructure can not support any more of these Developments that do not adhere to City Plan Guidelines. I’m aware of the Planned Light Rail Stage 3B, however it is possibly a decade away before this section of the Light Rail will see its first passenger. I’m also aware that many, many thousands of Gold Coast residents are willing to protest Light Rail Stage 3B. It may never happen. So, these Developments should not be approved until Stage 3B is complete. (If ever, as I’m aware there is no financial backing for Stage 3A yet). Good Town Planning is essential. Why have City Plan Guidelines if we do not enforce them? It seems this GCCC Planning Committee are simply ignoring essential guidelines that are in place to create harmony in our communities. We already have chaos in the Palm Beach community, thanks to the reckless disregard of GCCC City Plan Guidelines. Please REFUSE this Application.

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