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In Girraween NSW on “Demolition of Exisiting...” at 96 Oramzi Road, Girraween NSW 2145:

Stephen Press commented

I have lived in Oramzi Road for the past 35 years and during that time I have witnessed the gentrification of Girraween. The changes to this suburb have been profound and from my long-term perspective have all been for the good of the area and its citizens.

When I first moved in, the area could have been well described as the "wild west":
- My car was stolen by 'ram-raiders' for the purpose of breaking and entering.
- Hells Angels Bikers used to deal heroin from a house across the street.
- My house was broken into and many personal possessions were stolen.
- High School children vandalised and graffitied my property.

Most likely, as a result of Girraween High School becoming a 'Selective High School', the suburb has been undergoing a renaissance over the past thirty years:
- There has been an influx of 'aspirational' people; mainly migrants, often from the sub-continent who have been keen to 'have-a-go' in the Australian sense. Drawn by the promise of the good education within the area, these 'new Australians' have really lifted the tone and culture of the area.
- To see the grand-parents with small children utilizing the play-ground areas is most pleasing as in the past these were 'no-go areas'.
- Girraween shops has become a vibrant hub of busy multi-cultural restaurants.
- The new citizenry on the whole are polite, respectful, quiet and family oriented.

I fear that the building of an over-crowded guest-house in Oramzi Road would be a retreat to the bad old days and therefore I object most strongly to this development.

I suggest that the Cumberland Councillors ask themselves the question:
"Would I approve this development if it were to be built in the street in which I live?"
And if the answer is "No" then as our elected representatives it is your duty to reject this application!

delivered to the planning authority

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