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In Werribee VIC on “Construction of 16 town...” at 41 Edgar Street Werribee VIC 3030:

Geoff commented

Agree Lin

Sometimes redevelopment is necessary when existing dwellings have fallen into disrepair or have been ruined with inappropriate, poorly-conceived additions.

When massive overbuilds are permitted this can be exacerbated as people may seek to profit from neglect or vandalism. When replacement buildings are of similar form and density to existing stock, the developer needs to put more effort into quality and blending with existing character, to attract buyers.

Dog boxes are typically very high density (Muktilying the number of residents by 5-6 X), of low quality, with rapidly dating design that can be quickly built and sold, Once they are built, maintenance of gardens and common areas is poorly managed as Owners Corp structures are too small to achieve economy of scale. In 20 years time they are destined to be slums, often harbouring crime and antisocial behaviour.

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