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In Werribee VIC on “Construction of 16 town...” at 41 Edgar Street Werribee VIC 3030:

Geoff Rogers commented

The even scarier thing is that it is unclear to me whether the VCAT Tribunal member hearing the case is obliged or assisted to visit the precinct as part of her deliberation.

The developer waxed lyrical about how spacious the area is with wide grassed median strip.

He did not offer the reality that 2nd cars for the occupants, and visitors cars, will join the neighbours parking all over that same median. When it rains it turns to a bog so I can forsee a request being made by the residents and neighbours for additional paved parking areas defacing that same median strip.

The young WCC rep at the table with the developer, only uttred one word during the 90minutes I was there. This was YES to corroborate the statement by the developer that the Council was in agreement. They have reduced the DA to 14 instead of 18 x 3 storey townhouses.

Still 12 too many.

delivered to the planning authority

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