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In Kangaroo Point QLD on “Multiple Dwelling, Multiple...” at 472 Main St Kangaroo Point QLD 4169:

Susan Menso commented

Dear Sir/Madam

I am the owner of 450 – 452 Main Street, Kangaroo Point and I oppose the DA at 470 – 480 Main Street Kangaroo Point. It should be in the height restriction of 7 storey as per the Main Street, Kangaroo Point restriction.

There is no other building on Main Street that has gone over 7 storey. The previous owner, Mr Biggles’s DA was only 7 Storey. In their DA they had cars entering on Main Street, Kangaroo Point and exiting on Shaftson Avenue, Kangaroo Point. Mr Biggles owns the heritage block behind 470 Main Street, Kangaroo Point and this is why he could do this. This was an excellent prospect of elevating the traffic congestion. Why should this developer have extra privilege?
He uses his comparison with 8 River Terrance and yes this was also stupidity of the council allowing that when there was no precedent in the area. As you can see, this has not gone ahead because the developer paid too much for the land and the build price is way too much that they cannot afford to build.

Aria’s uses Lume’ Development which is under construction as a precedent also. This is on Shafston Avenue which comes under a different town planning code.

Aria also uses Peninsula Apartments, - 57 Lambert Street - - 162 Lambert Street, Kangaroo Point which also is under a different code and does not equate to anything on Main Street Kangaroo Point. As I said before, Main Street has a different zoning. There is NO other building in Main Street, Kangaroo Point and these apartments that Aria’s are mentioning are on the other side of Kangaroo Point that does have these extra heights.

Just like the one he talks about at Ferry Street and Cairns Street. They have NOT the same as Main Street. t.

1. It would look ridiculous to have one large building on Main Street.
2. There are no privacy awnings on their building between 450 and 470 Main Street, Kangaroo Point.
3. It will not blend in with the cliffs as Aria’s says. It would look so out of place. The only one making any money here is Aria.
4. Their paragraph where they say, “the sequence forms an entry and gateway to Brisbane City CBD via Fortitude Valley will form an important entry sequence is a whole lot of garage. It will make Kangaroo Point look like a concrete jungle.
5. The people wont be able to travel down Main Street as with another 127 units there will be another 167 more cars coming out of 470 Main Street, Kangaroo Point. There is currently a bad traffic congestion in Main Street and River Terrace now in the mornings and afternoons every day. I have 18 units at 450 Main Street Kangaroo Point with 2 car parks per unit. The reason why I put in two car parks per units is because there is NO OFF STREET PARKING. Walk around Quniton Street, Kangaroo Point and Pearson Street. These off street parking are already taken up with the tenants and owners in Main Street and Quinto and Pearson Street region. Everyone has two cars now a days.
Aria has 127 UNITS with 148 CAR PARKS. THAT EQUATES TO 21 EXTRA CAR PARKS. ARIA HAS MANY 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS. IF SOMEONE BUYS A 3 BEDROOM APARTMENT, THEN THEY WILL WANT TO ACCOMMODATE A 2 CAR CARPARK. Where are these cars going? Not in Quinton or Pearson Street as I know for a fact the residence in the area are very vigilant. The trades people building Lume are all parking in front of 470 Main Street on a daily basis as there is no parking for anyone. They have only 19 visitors parking. At the moment everyone has hijacked Banyon Tree on River Terraces block for parking. Where are the rest of their visitors going to park once Banyon Tree builds.
6. The council has approved this unfortunately, so there should only be one high rise in the area as the area does not have any other parking facilities.
7. Aria even mocks the council by stating in their submission, “Kangaroo Point is a long narrow peninsula. As the transport network from the South of Brisbane funnels into the peninsula, the roads merge and Main Street becomes the sole road that meets the Story Bridge, which is the river crossing that provides entry into the city. “ Doesn’t this indicate to the council that the narrow peninsula can not accommodate all of these extra cars merging into their peninsula. The council has already given over a 170 units at Lume which will be a congestion every day on that corner and when Banyon Tree builds there will be also another 160 cars congesting on that corner which is only 100 metres away from Lume. Then Aria wants another 168 cars coming out of 470 Main Street Kangaroo Point which is only 50 metres between the two buildings.
8. Obviously if this gets passed through council there is only one thing I can say, “Someone should look at the council as I have been developing since 2002 and have NEVER got anything outside the normal town planning requirements.”


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