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In Artarmon NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 30 Muttama Road Artarmon NSW 2064.:

Maggie and Christopher Bolton commented

Maggie and Christopher Bolton
We came to Artarmon in 1969 and have been faced with strict council requirements over 2 major renovations and have complied with all these requirements right down to the colours of external paints as well as maintaing the covenant that does not allow the original pitch of the house to be raised. We are apalled at the leniency allowed to certain buyers and are saddened by what seems to be current apparent lack of interest and obvious disregard in maintaining the suburb's heritage - are there rules for the goose and others for the ganders? We love our home, our area and our suburb and through renovations over about 50 years, we restored, enlarged and improved it all in keeping with the heritage style suitable for the Artarmon Conservation Zone. This house in Muttama Road is an important part of the Artarmon Conservation Zone.
Should this development be allowed, it is the thin end of the wedge, and more owners will come along and try to do the same.
These heritage areas are so important, because they preserve what we have as established as historical residential precincts, and we have very little left to preserve in Sydney, with more and more being bulldozed everywhere.
The house may need work but it is easily fixable and that should be the solution, not a poorly-built new house that will downgrade the area. We strongly reccommend Council and the Planning Panel to defend the integrity of the Artarmon Conservation Zone and reject such applications to demolish 30 Muttama Rd and the owners should be required to make good and build in keeping with the area and the associatedregulations.

delivered to the planning authority

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