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In Artarmon NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 30 Muttama Road Artarmon NSW 2064.:

Danielle Hawker commented

I am dismayed at this proposal to demolish 30 Muttama Rd, Artarmon and strongly object. The development proposed to replace the original dwelling is also in conflict with the development standards of the Artarmon Conservation Zone to which all other residents have been able to work within.

Specifically, the demolition justification cites an Engineering report that is not provided online but indirectly indicates that the repair of bowing and cracking walls would be too costly. I would request that Council and the Planning panel seek their own Engineering advice as to rectifying the damage which is largely confined to the southern side of the building. My own experience of rectifying similar damage both in Artarmon and Marrickville would lead me to believe the cost is much less than inferred and does not justify the demolition and replacement of an entire building that is a contributing item in the Conservation area.

Further, it should be noted that the reference in the application to acid clay soils and surface cracking as a justification for demolition should be discounted as it would create a precedent that would see the entire Artarmon Conservation Zone decimated. Acid Clay soils are the prevailing soil type in the area and thus most, if not all homes suffer from similar surface cracking.

There are many nearby areas outside the conservation zone where buildings can and are demolished. The Artarmon Conservation Zone is unique because of its intactness and thus needs to be protected. I strongly urge Council and the Planning Panel to defend the integrity of the Artarmon Conservation Zone and reject this application to demolish 30 Muttama Rd.

delivered to the planning authority

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