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In Neutral Bay NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 22 Spruson Street, Neutral Bay NSW 2089:

Daniel Thackray commented

As the property owner of a neighboring property on Spruson St, Neutral Bay, I would like to object to the planned development of the combined site 22 - 26 Spruson St Neutral Bay.
There are several concerns with the proposed plans, namely;
- The depth and type of excavation is significant and is highly likely to cause damage to adjoining properties. Our original cottage is approximately 100 years old and is approximately 25 meters from the proposed excavation site. The vibrations caused from such a significant and deep planned excavation is highly likely to cause structural damage to not only our property, but all other similarly constructed and closely located properties. This issue must be addressed via a redesign of the plans to reduce the size of the proposed development and depth & type of excavations required.
- This development in not in keeping with the feel or current design of the street. The planned height of the development significantly is greater than the allowed limits. This will forever change the street feel, cast additional shadows & remove views from properties immediately across the street – devaluing their homes.
- The scale of this development will cause significant logistical access issues. Spruson street is a very narrow street which currently has very limited access to residents and Council bus services. On-street parking is very limited and the immediate area is totally unsuitable for heavy vehicle access, the type of which will be required for a development of this size. This development is significant in size and will cause prolonged hardship for existing residents and any council bus service.
- The existing traditional red-brick apartment blocks are part of the heritage and desirable streetscape of the broader North Sydney area & should be protected. The existing red-brick apartment blocks provide affordable living options for residents, positively contributing to a balanced mix of resident types within the immediate area. If they are not protected & developers are allowed to construct totally unsuitable, multi-million dollar apartments in this immediate area, then lower to middle income workers of the North Sydney area will no longer be able to find suitable housing options.
The proposed development is significantly oversized and totally unsuitable for this location. The construction will cause immediate issues for all residents in relation to access, noise and potential permanent damage to properties during the construction phase. The proposed development will also cause permanent negative impacts to the existing residents and the streetscape due to the unreasonable height of the project & the impacts of a loss of natural light & views.
The proposed development will also negatively impact the existing look, feel and traditional character of this immediate area with the removal of the classic red-brick apartment blocks that are a key feature of the broader North Sydney area.
The removal of the existing three red-brick blocks will limit the availability of affordable residential dwellings within this area and permanently alter the demographic of the area.
This proposed development should not be allowed to proceed as is currently designed.

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