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In Marrickville NSW on “Demolition of all existing...” at 182 Victoria Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

Mike commented

I got a nonsensical email from Council in response to the lack of documents.

"Documentation is unlikely to be available straight away, but once the documentation is uploaded in our system and can be made available on Council's web page, it will be."

Apparently "straight away" has been defined by Council as any time after the documentation is uploaded to their system, which given history of this could be weeks or months.

I've read the Transport analysis document, which makes a lot out of a Green Transport Plan (Section 6) for the site. That plan requires extensive follow up "To ensure the successful implementation of the GTP, a Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) should be appointed to ensure the successful implementation of the GTP. This could be the building manager or a member of the body corporate." Apart from the fact that it will take major initiatives from the NSW State Government to provide necessary transport incentives - none of which can be guaranteed by the developer or Council, it is painfully clear that the Council does nothing to follow up on any breaches of developments from approved DAs. Reporting such breaches gets zero response.

While the plan seems to describe Victoria Rd as the sole arterial connection to the Princes Highway (one way only as there is no right turn from Enmore Rd to King St), it is Sydenham Rd's connection via Railway Rd that is the true arterial connection to the highway. Traffic is already regularly backed up from King St, down Enmore and Victoria Rds such that on weekends, it takes 20 minutes for a bus to travel two stops from Addison Rd to Stanmore Rd along the Victoria Rd route.

The simultaneous expansion of the Metro, and the addition of all the new developments in this precinct are going to totally overwhelm the road infrastructure in this area. While they are considered independently of each other they are getting passed through Council. They must be considered together for sane planning.

delivered to the planning authority

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