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In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1038 Anzac Parade Maroubra NSW 2035:

Jayden D. commented

This DA for boarding house accommodation with short-term residents contribute to the 'backpacker' style boarders and fuel the noisy/alcohol/drug-fueled 'undesirables' stigma Maroubra residents so desperately wants to avoid or remove.
I want to qualify all the above comments concerning safety and increase in crime in concentrated mainly in Maroubra within Randwick, are government statistics from the 'Incidents of crime recorded by the NSW Police Force by Local Government Area'. This is a disturbing upward trend in various crimes that Randwick Council needs to take seriously and make active decisions to curb and My young family with 2 small kids needs to feel safe, please don't add fuel to the fire and REJECT this DA proposal.

Facts and figures do not lie. Particularly worrying is the increase of 'Possession and/or use of other drugs Up 26.7% and Transport regulatory offence Up 41.8% is particular relevant now with more congestion and over development in Maroubra.

Local Government Area Offence type "5 year trend and average annual percent change (Jan 2014-Dec 2018)"
Randwick Non-domestic violence related assault Up 10.8%
Randwick Sexual assault Up 8.4%
Randwick Indecent assault, act of indecency and other sexual offences Up 10.7%
Randwick Intimidation, stalking and harassment Up 14.6%
Randwick Steal from retail store Up 10.0%
Randwick Possession and/or use of cocaine Up 12.0%
Randwick Possession and/or use of amphetamines Up 13.1%
Randwick Possession and/or use of other drugs Up 26.7%
Randwick Other drug offences Up 16.0%
Randwick Prohibited and regulated weapons offences Up 14.6%
Randwick Liquor offences Up 7.8%
Randwick Breach Apprehended Violence Order Up 8.5%
Randwick Breach bail conditions Up 8.4%
Randwick Transport regulatory offences Up 41.8%

'Source: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.'

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