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In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1038 Anzac Parade Maroubra NSW 2035:

Gordon Yung commented

I urge Randwick City Council to refuse the recent DA proposal (DA/144/2019) for a 40 room boarding house on the following grounds:

Privacy & Antisocial behavior
I live next to this block. The 3 story building will mean that residents of the proposed development can look directly into our courtyard , living room, bedrooms and the neighboring residential buildings. This will cause privacy and security issue. As a parent, my child always play in the garden. I am afraid that the anti social behavior in new boarding house may cause bad influence and danger to our children in this area. Because we have already experiences regular incidents of anti social behavior stimulated by alcohol and drug abuse from neighborhood .

Environmental issue
Construction of this site will create a large amount of dust, air pollution and noise around the neighborhood. This will cause irreversible serious health issues to young children and elderly who are living in this area. In addition, the deep excavation may affect our building structure such as our building's wall and basement car park.

Parking and Traffic issue
80+ new people will making the street parking around 1038 Anzac parade even worse. A lot of people cannot find parking around here already because customers of pizza hut , liquid shop and swimming pool. Getting in and out of the driveway and the intersection in front of the 1038 Anzac parade is already risky in peak hours, without the extra traffic that 80 cars create.

Randwick council can see reason and reject the DA/144/2019

delivered to the planning authority

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