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In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1038 Anzac Parade Maroubra NSW 2035:

Michael Cianci commented

I am a concerned on the proposal to construct a 40 room boarding house at 1038 Anzac Parade and quiet shocked that Randwick Council would entertain such a proposal.

This new development would bring an increase to the traffic in the area and impact on available parking spaces which is already struggling to cope. Has this consideration been taking into account as we have 30 parking spot in our complex of 20 townhouses and the new boarding house has a allowance of 20 spots for 40 rooms..Restricted parking on Anzac Parade which meaning Muarry Street and adjoining street will suffer keeping in mind Des Redfern leisure centre has it own issues with parking..

This development is not in the interest of the area we live in and could be looked upon as a commercial type residence. Most of the people will be short term and don’t have any invested interest in the property and therefore the people it shall attract will not add any value.

I’m concerned with the people this development will attract as they will be more than likely young single men and likely backpackers which will add to the noise, violence and possible crime..

As this structure is over 50 years old it is more than likely going to expose asbestos in the demolition of the structure..How is this going to be managed?

South Maroubra is a target for these ridicous proposals and the more these development get pushed through the more stress it puts on our infrustures..Eastgardens has just added thousands of units and now these things are popping up everywhere. These developments only line the pockets of developers and Randwick Council at our expense..

With all the housing commission surrounding this area and the type of people it attracts this would only add more fuel for the fire..I would suggest Maroubra Police Station to move up a lot closer as they will be spending most of their time up here..

Outraged!! this development must not go ahead and I hope the Council come to their senses and see this before it is too late..

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