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In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1038 Anzac Parade Maroubra NSW 2035:

Samantha B commented

As a local resident I'm deeply concerned that this boarding house will do nothing to improve the local area. Nor will it improve or even maintain the quality of life for those living near it. It would be a terrible thing for this DA to be approved by Randwick Council.

As mentioned by other commenters I'm not even sure how allowing up to 81 people to live in such a space can even be considered 'medium density' housing. Surely this is high density and vastly inappropriate for this neighbourhood and the community.

Although some of the plans for this boarding house meet what are considered to be 'adequate provisions' for a 'boarding house' many elements don't even meet the low standards that boarding houses require in terms of communal space and parking.

When you consider the local area and strain on resources it's a disaster in the making. Parking is already difficult on this area of Anzac Parade due to the number of cars and the clearway in place. The road is busy and it's often hard and dangerous to get in and out driveways, especially at peak times.

We can only assume additional cars not provisioned for would then impact the streets around Des Renford leisure centre causing problems the broader Randwick community - not just those living in the immediate area. 20 spaces for up to 81 people with not even one visitor space?!?!!? Not nearly enough. They've not even provided enough to give the on site manager a parking space - so not sure where they think he / she will park? Perhaps on a neighbours road - make it their problem right?

Noise and antisocial behaviour will 100% impact local residents who are already struggling with this issue. Again ask the local police. The influx of people / comings and goings and general noise will really affect those living around this building, many have young families or just want a quiet place to come home to at the end of the day. The loitering and general issues that come with this type of housing shouldn't be something that needs to add to the area which already has it's issues.

These types of buildings appeal to transient people, often younger who don't care about Randwick, the community or their neighbours. They're there to live there for a short time before moving on. There's no sense of community, giving back or contributing to the local area. It's sad for those that are trying to make South Maroubra a better place for families and the older generation to have something like this dumped on them to just get on with. I hope the council will think of residents and community, not making money for whoever it is that wants to build this.

Although the boarding house states that they intend to have 3 month contracts with each tenants we have no idea if this would be followed all the time and who would even monitor this (outside of those who own it). I've seen many student accomodation rent out rooms over summers to backpackers or anyone else on shorter contracts to make money while school's out. At the end of the day this is going to be run as a business to make money for those that own the land and own the rooms. They don't care about who and how.

The facilities don't allow for this to be a long term affordable housing solution for anyone. How could anyone live for an extended period of time in a space which doesn't have even the basics for cooking (just a microwave and fridge in each room) and no facility for drying clothes. The DA states the back garden could be used to hang clothes (as well as providing a communal space for recreation) but the space just doesn't allow for that, especially for so many people. This one basic example (there are many in this DA which are similar) shows that it's not considering the welfare or basic needs of those who will be staying there. They'd rather put another room in to make more money than provide a well equipped kitchen on adequate laundry room. It just shows that when they designed it what the objective is - to make as much money as possible with no consideration for those who live there or those who live near by. Pack them in - charge the dollars. While the apartments look shiny and new in the DA they barely function as more than a hotel room for those who live there.

Another major issue with this DA is the blatant lies they've put about the 6 'small' trees on the property which they plan to remove without a second thought. I look at these trees every day from my garden and from my windows. The majority are over two stories high - one at least three stories high and provide a home to many birds and other wildlife in the area. They also contribute to the neighbourhood and suburban feel of South Maroubra and can be viewed from far away adding to the 'urban jungle' the council are aiming to keep. They also massively contribute to the privacy of at 50+ residents taking into account those on all sides of this property and help with acoustics of the area.

Removal of trees and building this enormous structure will mean that those staying in the boarding house will have direct line of site into not only the gardens of neighbouring properties but also the living rooms and bedrooms of those who already live here. So security, privacy and quality of life all massively impacted for young families and the older residents who have built a home here. It's just terrible. Again another DA lie where they state this has been built with the privacy in mind for existing residents. Some rooms will look directly into people's bedrooms. I'm not sure the architect or developer would like it if someone did this to them or say their privacy has been considered.

These are just a handful of concerns from myself and the local community. I really hope the council will review this DA and see it for what it is. Ultimately a commercial building, there to make money for those that own it, masquerading as a residential solution in an area under strain but filled with owners who want to make a better future for the area.

I urge the councillors to object to this DA and allow another development solution in the space that will improve the area and provide affordable housing solutions for those that want to live in South Maroubra long term. Let's build a community, not tear it down.

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