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In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1038 Anzac Parade Maroubra NSW 2035:

Jayden D. commented

I object to the construction of 40 unit boarding house at 1038-1040 Anzac Parade.
I sincerely urge Randwick Council to refuse this DA Proposal DA/144/2019) on the below grounds:

1) The proposal is not within the public interest:
Surrounding areas has been a mix of private homes, duplex developments, apartments and town houses which can best be described as low to medium density. The existing homes all compliment the demographic mix of the precinct – families, single professionals and retirees. The proposed development does not fit this mix or enhance it.

2) The Maroubra community are AGAINST boarding house style accommodation:
There are no authorised boarding houses in the proximity of 1038-1040 Anzac Pde. The direct opposite property at 1001 Anzac Pde has been refused DA for 10 boarding room, 2-storey house (let alone 40) for similar reasons and community concerns.

1001 Anzac Parade MAROUBRA NSW 2035
Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a two-storey boarding house with 10 self-contained units, one car park space and associated works (SEPP Affordable Rental Housing)
Lodged: 31/05/2011 (Refused: 23/08/2011 by Council).

6 Fenton Avenue MAROUBRA NSW 2035
Demolition of existing structures and construction of a new 4 storey boarding house comprising 20 boarding rooms, 1 manager's room, 4 car parking spaces and associated site works.
Lodged: 20/08/2018 (Refused: 13/12/2018 by External Committee)

3) Excessive noise and affects to neighbouring residents:
Neighbouring properties are occupied by young family with small kids (mine family being one of them, 2 kids 1yr old and 3yr old), retirees & people working from home. The development is not considered to maintain the desirable attributes of the locality and protect the amenity of the existing residents.
Long-term construction with associated noise, dust & pollution, earth-moving machines occupying the street and surrounds will have a negative impact on the resident’s quality of living.

4) Surrounding accommodation comparisons:
E.g. Adjoining property 1030-1036 Anzac Pde, Maroubra has a land size of 2212m2 with only 20 x 2br split-level town houses, with 20 car parking and 5 visitor parking with 2 car wash bays. Good balance.

In comparison 1038-1040 Anzac Pde, Maroubra property has a combined land size of ONLY 845m2 (423m2 + 422m2) for a proposed 40 boarding rooms across 3-storeys. This equates to a minimum of 40 adult lodgers (plus onsite caretaker) AND “up to 2 adult lodgers and 1 visitor shall be permitted in the double rooms”!! This is medium to high density living quarters.
 This equates to potential 80+ lodgers, with only 20 car park spots/8 motorcycle spots!!
 There will be excessive noise due to high traffic in and out of the complex and driveway.
 There will be excessive noise from lodgers/extra visitors within open courtyards and communal areas facing surrounding properties.
 There will be privacy issues when the high 3-storey building overlooks adjacent properties courtyards and directly into their balconies and bedroom windows.

5) Complaints handling:
The submitted plan of management for complaints handling by the boarding house caretaker is inadequate and is reactive rather than preventative. It does not contain enforceable and realistic management measures to mitigate potential noise impacts on the neighbours.

6) Existing Crime in the area:
The precinct already experiences an over representation of anti-social behaviour including violence against persons and property, armed robbery, drug use, public drinking, loitering and littering, loud and aggressive behaviour (especially night time). E.g. Nearby Lexington Place has been riddled with crime, social unrest and social disadvantage for years and this is not an area that would absorb a further influx of up to 80+ persons or more for the proposed 40 short term boarding units.

7) Kids, traffic and congestion:
Murray Street to Jersey Street are already very busy streets providing access from Anzac Parade to the Des Renford swimming pool complex (already has street congestion issues), kids scooter park, kids’ playgrounds, sports fields, and cycle track and netball courts situated at Heffron Park. The development of a boarding house in an area frequented by young children and young and elderly people accessing sporting facilities is totally inappropriate.

There are 2 bus stops, one right in front of 1038-1040 Anzac Pde and one situated in front of the Pizza Hut and Porta’s Liquor outlet on the opposite side of the road. Murray Street parking and Anzac Parade middle section parking is used constantly for customers to these retail outlets and the delivery vehicles, as well as being full of vehicles from surrounding residents. There will be more pressure for car space during clearway times on Anzac Parade, making this area inadequate to cater for an influx of 80+ short term boarder’s vehicles (since there is 20 proposed car spots only).

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