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In Bondi Junction NSW on “New hotel development” at 5-11 Hollywood Avenue, Bondi Junction:

Naomi Silver commented

Further to previous comments which I support, correction to Rodney Scherer- the developer of this proposal is Iglu not Igloo. Iglu are a well recognised student accommodation provider who I doubt have any idea what it means to be a contiguous resident of this location.
Student accommodation under the guise of a "Lifestyle Hotel" is a load of nonsense. As local residents we already have more traffic than we need and the crumbling bitumen of Hollywood Avenue will struggle to cope with what is to come. Pedestrians are constantly crossing against the lights at the adjacent Westfield carpark entrance, one can only imagine the students who will make this LH their temporary home completely oblivious to pedestrian etiquette. When traffic lights meet people with ear buds in their ears distracted by 'connecting' to their world whilst cars slam on their brakes and use their horn because they have stepped out in front of them.
Oh the blissful sounds of Bondi Junction's periphery.
This development proposal of 198 rooms, a further 200 or more people on the street, making noise, dragging wheeled suitcases at all hours of the night. Being socially disruptive and unaware of the interruption to peaceful enjoyment of ones home. What about local residents?? Do people who pay rates matter? What about all the older people living in this area? Rooftop noise being broadcast till all hours from the development's rooftop terrace.
We will not grow old quietly and gracefully, deafness is not an option. This development reeks of getting the dollars in with absolutely no consideration to the place and it's permanent residents.

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