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In Annandale NSW on “Level 1 Change of use and...” at 212-220 Parramatta Road Annandale NSW 2038:

J Gray commented

As a resident living across the road from this development I have a number of concerns about this proposal.

The social impact statement starts off claiming the area is predominantly light industrial and seems to use this as justification for the proposed developments I disagree. This is primarily a residential area. Immediately across parramatta road, is all medium density residential developments and our homes are most likely to be directly affected by the proposed development. The broader surrounding area consists of low density residential areas in Stanmore and Annandale to the south and north of the site, as well as high density residential development to the east a little further away.

This proposal is within the parramatta road revitalisation area and is marked for further residential development.

I have concerns regarding the proposed hours of operation, which are very long. The type of clientele that will use a pool hall late into the night and the potential impact this has on the many nearby residents.

I am concerned the sort of problems that have developed in Newtown with the movement of people seeking entertainment out of the city into residential areas and the negative impact that has had on the community there, could be brought here with the potential for increased foot traffic, for patrons to loiter outside the building, and that the type of patrons using a pool hall may negatively impact the area.

I am also concerned there seems to be no plan with regard to adding any sound proofing measures to limit sound from the proposed development. We already have more than enough noise from parramatta road and the acoustic reports seem to indicate there will be an increase in the noise experienced by residential developments around the site. We do not need any more noise, of any level, at any time. We also currently enjoy breaks in traffic for substantial periods in the evenings and weekends and having a continuous noise source from the proposed development will fill these sound gaps and negatively impact the many nearby residences. I am also concerned about the potential for the venue to introduce low frequency noise at some point as is common in recreational venues, and the increased level of irritation this could provide.

In addition the westconnex project currently under construction should remove some of the heavier and noisier traffic from parramatta road in the future giving some relief to residents. Long term noise levels on parramatta road and it’s potential reduction have not been addressed in this application.

The proposal indicates the carpark on parramatta road will be used for this venue. There are already existing problems associated with this carpark in the evenings, with the two spotlights lighting the carpark being intrusively bright and shining into my apartment causing eyesore from the glare. These lights are considerably brighter than the street lighting on parramatta road or any of the surrounding commercial lighting, and their height and angle causes them to intrude into nearby residences in the form of a bright glare that is uncomfortable and intrusive. At the moment we only have them on Thursday nights, to have them on till 2-3am seven nights a week is unacceptable. There is also the potential for patrons to loiter in the carparks, creating additional noise disturbances.

This area is not currently a recreational area and as a local resident I do not want to see it become a recreational precinct. The extended hours of operation, the potential for increased sound levels in an already overly noisy environment, the increased foot and car traffic, issues with lighting and glare, the potential for social problems associated with a late night venue so close to residences, all make this an undesirable addition to the area.

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