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In Bellbird Park QLD on “Superseded Planning Scheme...” at 123 Johnston Street Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

David Harris commented

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It is abundantly clear that people who care about the fast disappearance of the unique quality of Bellbird are vehemently opposed to duplexes and Auxiliary units. The council must make it clear that they recognize the opposition to these "sneaky " ways of getting 2 families on one block and an extra room adding value to a house , the Auxiliary unit. As the council has opened the flood gate to these 2 unwelcomed guests in our suburb, now here we have the result, many people trying it on. It says in the Qlds planning system that residents will be part of the consultation system and their opinions be taken into consideration among the 22 references to "the community" in just 3 pages referring to 'Our" planning system. My question to council is that there is clearly no demonstrable recognition of community views on development in Bellbird park. It is clear that council is just paying lip service to community involvement. There is none. Council planners intimate without actually stating it that objections and concerns over inappropriate development are a waste of time, consider 'Happy Jack". Not only are developers driving a bulldozer through planning procedures but the granting of the even more extreme development of Duplexes and auxiliaries suited only to high-density developments in places like Springfield. When will the council take seriously our community opposition to not only uncontrolled development but giving a big tick to these totally inappropriate housing? Now listen clearly NO DUPLEXES AND AUXILIARIES TO BE APPROVED BY COUNCIL. Start by telling the applicants for this auxiliary application that the loop hole to building an extra room onto a house will not be tolerated. Make this the first auxiliary application to be rejected and why, so us residents do not have to say the same thing time and time again NO MORE DUPLEXES OR AUXILIARY UNITS IN BELLBIRD. See what I mean. Another trying it on thinking it is odds on that an application will be passed by council. Surely the Council must take account of Bellbird residents objections. The second attempt to increase the value of their house. Once upon a time applicants just b built one as an Assessable code. Now they have a compliant council planner, formally approving auxiliary units at a rapid rate of knots. the community have made it abundantly clear that these Auxiliaries are not welcome at all in Bellbird .Council listen to our community and show us that you listen to residents, rather than ignore them.Yeh fat chance.
.Take noticre for once

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