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In Woonona NSW on “Commercial - demolition of...” at 74 Russell Street, Woonona NSW 2517:

Jeremy Wallis commented

I live and own a property on Russell Street. I have a young family and use the end of Russell Street to gain access for walks, cycling and general exercise with the family reasonably safely, considering the amount of current strata properties and separate dwelling (houses) on this street.
My kids use the end of the street regularly, biking, running, walking and skating, away from other traffic that turns regularly from West Russell into Robert Street connecting to Campbell Street which leads to other main arterial routes and vica-verca.

East Russell Street past Robert Street has on average 28 separate dwellings (houses) X that by 2 cars per house on average = 56 cars. East Russell Street past Robert Street has on average 8 Strata type dwellings = on average 10 units per strata X 80 units on average, X that by 2 cars per unit on average = 160 cars + 56 cars = 216 permanent cars on East Russell Street past Robert Street not including West Russell Street dwellings past Robert Street, also not including visitors driving down Russell Street already struggling to find a park. THATS ALOT OF CARS IN ANYONES BOOKS.

Lets talk about Robert Street crossing to and fro from Russell if you add more cars lets say 66 cars heading East off Russell to the Day Care Centre in a hurry turning to and fro from Roberts street or off Princess highway or Hadden Lane into a already congested Russell Street someone is bound to get hurt or heaven forbid killed by a car.

The maths and safety of the proposed development does not add up to what I see and and others that live on Russell Street that is already congested enough.

I strongly vote against it for the safety of our children, elderly and other everyday users that can simply walk safe enough to our local community amenities.

Regards Jeremy Wallis

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