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In Woonona NSW on “Commercial - demolition of...” at 74 Russell Street, Woonona NSW 2517:

Joan Fisher commented

As a resident of Russell Street Woonona I too have very grave concerns as to the proposed application for a child care centre at 74 Russell Street, Woonona.
I have been a resident in Russell Street since 2002 and once construction of the Northern Distributor was completed some years ago resulting in Russell Street being closed at the eastern end, parking in Russell Street is now at a premium due to limited parking spots available because of the many unit/townhouse blocks in the street with limited parking spaces available to these complexes. This has resulted in parked cars constantly occupying both sides of the street for most of the time, and drivers entering or leaving the street having to to give way to vehicles coming from the opposite direction with little or no room to pass those oncoming vehicles.
On garbage collection days motorists often place the bins on the nature strip so that there is sufficient room to park their vehicles.
Should the application be approved, access to Russell Street will also pose problems,
1. Access to Russell Street by traffic travelling north along the Princes Highway cannot turn right at Russell Street so would first have to make a right hand turn into Campbell Street and then a left hand turn either at Haddon Lane or Robert Street and then proceed to Russell Street before turning right into Russell Street to arrive at the proposed destination of 74 Russell Street. Haddon Lane lies between the rear of the shops and businesses facing Princes Highway on the left and the carpark and IGA supermarket on the right.
Caution must always be exercised at this intersection as there is constant traffic which has turned left at the lights at Princes Highway, a large amount of which then makes a right hand turn at Haddon Lane to enter the carpark at the rear of IGA .
There is also a lot of pedestrian traffic in this area and many pedestrians are elderly.
Should the second option of Robert Street be taken, once the corner of Robert Street and Russell Street is reached, visibility on the left before making the right hand turn into Russell Street is limited due to parked cars near the corner.
2. Traffic heading north along Memorial Drive has to exit at the Campbell Street exit and turn left into Campbell Street before proceeding to either Robert Street or Haddon Lane as above. Campbell Street is also a very busy street with constant traffic entering from the exit lane as above or from the roundabout at Carrington Street from the popular beach areas to the east.
3. In addition to the above there will be extra traffic delivering to and collecting from the child care centre the proposed 66 children, not to mention cars being driven to and from the centre by the workers to be employed at the premises.

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