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In Rosanna VIC on “Construction of six (6)...” at 28 Millicent Street , Rosanna, VIC:

Pamela Marlene McDonald (Pam) commented

I am long-time owner-occupier and ratepayer in Millicent Street and am writing to record my strong objection to the proposed development at 28 Millicent Street.

Millicent Street was originally built as a narrow residential road (initially unmade) but is now used continuously as a cut-through between Rosanna Road and Lower Plenty Road by a large number of vehicles each day ( not helped by the fact that Douglas Street off Rosanna Road was closed by the Council some time ago at the behest of residents of that street). The road was never intended to accommodate the volume of traffic to which it is subjected now.

The road is often so congested now with cars parked on both sides of the street that there is barely enough room to pass through when there is a succession of vehicles coming from opposite directions. This is particularly the case when there is a social occasion at on of the units.

The proposal to erect six units on a lot which is no bigger than any other in the street with no on-site parking for visitors would lead to a further substantial increase in crowding of the street by parked cars by residents with more than one vehicle, visitors to those residents as well as daily commuters and residents of Lower Plenty and Rosanna Roads).

Six units is far too many for the size of the lots, which are really only suitable for three units at the maximum. A lack of adequate on-site parking will compound the problem. Many times I have had to divert to the wrong side of the road in order to gain access to our driveway because of parked cars impeding the opposite side of the road.

There have been occasions when a larger vehicle has used the street but has been unable to pass because of removal or delivery vehicles parked on one side of the road and a car parked on the opposite side. Even emergency vehicles (ambulances) have had difficulty in getting through because the space available is too narrow.

delivered to the planning authority

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