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David Glover commented

As a nearby resident, I'm concerned at the dramatic increase in population with all the student accommodation that's been built or approved.

There are several hundred units completed and hundreds more already approved. So we simply don't yet know their full impact.

While I'm certainly not opposed in principle, I feel we should pause on further approvals until those already approved are complete, occupied and we have a better understanding of their impact on the local area.

I'm also concerned at what may happen if there turns out to be an oversupply of student accommodation and its use changes.

I note that City of Sydney has approved use of Urbanest on Abercrombie Street as tourist and visitor accommodation outside term time (in spite of their original DA having an explicit condition that this would not happen). I have very serious concerns about student accommodation intended for full-time occupancy being used for tourist accommodation with its frequent arrivals and departures. I note that none of the current or planned buildings have any provision for off-street vehicle access. So all the arrivals, departures, luggage, tour groups etc happens on the street (often double-parked). This is both inconvenient and unsafe. And it's happening right now with Urbanest on Abercrombie.

Ideally, let's pause before approving yet more of this type of use to give us time to properly understand its impact.

If not, I would strongly recommend this and all plans include provision for loading and unloading passengers on the site rather than on the road to at least reduce the disruption and improve the safety of this.

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