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In Glossodia NSW on “Lot 156 DP 214751Caravan Park” at 66 Wattle Crescent, Glossodia, NSW:

Raymond Vinton commented

As a long time resident of Glossodia (since 1973)I would like to take this opportunity to state my comments against the proposed “affordable” low cost dwelling park sited at 66 Wattle Crescent Glossodia.
As you may appreciate ,living in the area for more than 45 years one should have gained an insight into any issues that may be detrimental to high density growth in an area that is not suitable, I mention high density growth as the proposed new development would be added to the existing Glossodia Hamlet plus the new Jacaranda development which would put an excessive strain on the existing facilities.
Whilst there is always a need for low cost living one must consider many aspects that the potential new residents must contend with, for example:
• Is the proposed new site the most suitable in the proposed area or should it be sited on the other side of the Hawkesbury River where it would be closer to emergency needs such as hospitals, specialists and doctors, with the current volume of traffic there are times when the line of traffic to turn onto Windsor bridge may be 500m long and take well over 35 minutes to reach Windsor from Glossodia, this could prove fatal should there be an emergency in the area. This problem will be compounded with all the new areas being developed in the Karrajong area as so much traffic is now taking a short cut from Bells line of Road because of the traffic density in Richmond.
• Approximately 15 years ago there was a serious bushfire on the ridge behind the proposed new low cost development and Glossodia residents were advised that unless the fire changed its course Glossodia would be lost, lucky for us the fire changed it’s course and the area was saved, but if that change of direction had not happened we were advised that the whole of Wattle Crescent could have been in trouble, what if this event happens again with a park surrounded by forest.
• Wattle Crescent has no footpaths pedestrian routes are steep and quite narrow, totally unsuitable for people with limited transport and mobility issues.
• The Glossidia side of the Hawkesbury River has always suffered during the flood times, we have been cut off for anything up to a week, how will this impact on the new proposed inhabitants, how well will they survive if their electricity water and sewerage is cut off for a week or more?
On a personal note, I live in Glossodia because I enjoy the healthy tree laden area full of Australian wildlife, the area is home to so many varied species of birds that it would be a tragedy to unnecessarily destroy another small forest when there are so many suitable blocks of land, close to Windsor, that have already been stripped bare awaiting similar development.

Ray & Maree Vinton

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